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When you become a member in student union you contribute to something amazing. You contribute to the fact that we at Gefle Student Union can work for a high quality and improved education for all students at the University of Gävle, including international students. The membership also helps us to continue to work and develop Gävle as a student city. With your help, we can have five enthusiasts in our student union who work full time for all students at the University of Gävle!

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Student representation

As a student you have great opportunities to influence your time here at the University of Gävle! You can become a student representative* for Gefle Student Union and influence your education, the educational quality or work environment for students, for example. As an elected student representative you also get paid for your work!

*At the moment most decision making meetings have swedish as the meeting language. You can become a student representative anyway, for more information contact us.

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