Work at Club Kåren


Gefle Student Union is always in need of new people who want something to do with their free time during their studies. With us there is lots of things to do - find the thing that suits you best!

Club Kåren

Here you can work on our Club Kåren nights. You don't get payed but you get a lot of new friends and a lot of experience. There is things to do for everyone. You can stand in the entrance, work on the floor, stand in the wardrobe or work in the bar. Should you work in a bar, we prefer to have knowledge of the alcohol regulations here in Sweden. At least once a year, Klubbmästeriet holds a bar education for those who want to stand in the bar during the year. For the other positions, you only need the will and energy! During these evenings, we usually have about 15-20 people in the staff.

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