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When you become a member, you contribute to something amazing! Thanks to your membership, we at Gefle Student Union can work towards a high-quality and improved education for all students at the University of Gävle. The membership fee also contributes us to conduct advocacy work on a local and national level and develop Gävle as a city for students.

With your help we’re able to have five passionate individuals at our office, who work full time for all students at University of Gävle. We meet the university’s vice-chancellor and the deans from the three faculties continuously, attend the different committee’s and board’s such as the university governing board, disciplinary board and working environment committee. Together we work to make sure the students voices are heard through all different instances of the university and the local politicians.

Membership benefits!

As a member of the student union, you will get access to a lot of sweet stuff and at the same time contribute to the student union’s continuous study political work, on both a national and local level. Gefle Student Union focus on three different functions. You can read about these below.

Study social

We work constantly to make the spare time for our members as good as possible! Finding more student discounts in Gävle to give that extra icing on the cake is one of them. We also work actively regarding the housing issue for students together with the municipality and the student housing companies. The focus is on building more apartments and towards a varied range of housing for students in different stages of their life. ​

Education politics

As a student the University of Gävle you have all the opportunities in the world to influence your education. We work towards making students aware that they can be part of different councils in order to influence the decisions regarding their studies. Gefle Student Union work together with other student unions regarding a lot of different questions to improve the situation regarding insurance, teacher-led hours and so on.


Our Event planner works full time to ensure that there are things to do during the study period at the University of Gävle. As a member, you get access to all our Club Kåren evenings, “dinner parties”, etc. Through your membership, you also have access to the student pub Trossen, which is owned by Gefleteknologerna. If you have an idea for an event or other fun things you could come up with, just contact the event manager and share your ideas! 

The Student Booklet from WeStudents

As a member of Gefle Student Union you also have the right to receive the Student Booklet from WeStudents. The booklet is filled with awesome local discounts and offers, and you can find these in their app. You can visit our reception and get your Student Booklet and download their app via Google Play or App Store

OBSERVE! One booklet per member.

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Alla studenter har rätt till en bra hemförsäkring. I samarbete med Hedvig erbjuder vi nu att studenter får tillbaka kåravgiften om man skaffar deras hemförsäkring! Ange kod gefle när du skaffar hemförsäkringen via denna sida för att ta del av erbjudandet.

Erbjudandet gäller mellan 11/1-30/4. Du ska ha blivit medlem under samma kalendermånad hos både Gefle Studentkår och hos Hedvig. Återbetalningen om 180 SEK sker när vi kunnat verifiera dig som medlem hos Hedvig och Gefle Studentkår. Återbetalningen sker via autogiro som du anger hos Hedvig via deras app, eller när du blir medlem hos dem.

Prices for a membership

Student at the university: 1 semester

180 sek

Student at the university: 2 semesters

(only purchasable autumn semester)

300 sek

Doctoral student, postgraduate student, student on assignment and not studying this semester (but have studied earlier)

100 sek (will not receive a mecenat card)


Get back the membership fee if you sign up for a home insurance from Hedvig!

Read more below or at the campaign site!

If you don't have the possibility to visit our reception and want to sign up for a membership, you can do it by filling out the form below. Within 3 workdays you'll receive an email with payment information.


The payment to Gefle Student Union must be done within 5 workdays from the date we sent the information email or your membership application will be deleted. 


You don't have the right to receive the Mecenat card if you have re-registration of courses.

If you want to pay for a membership as a doctoral student, postgraduate student, student on assignment or not studying this semester - please visit our reception during our opening hours. 

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