Involve yourself!

Student representative

As student representative you’ll have the possibility to influence your education and the university’s work. You’ll also get the possibility to represent yourself, your classmates and Gefle Student Union in the meetings you’ll attend. Take the chance to influence your education and by extension – your future! Depending on what you are interested in, you as a student can be a student representative in bodies at all levels, from the university's highest decision-making body to councils that concern your particular education, education councils.

Student representatives must be involved in preparatory and decision-making bodies to present views and participate in decisions. Thereby, they contribute to developing and improving the education and the students' situation at the University of Gävle.

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Three remunerated work full time at Gefle Student Union;
president, vice president and event planner.
These three posts are elected representatives by the union council.

Here you can find information about the posts Gefle Student Union announces.

The president and vice president are elected at the end of the financial year and are elected during the period 1 July - 30 June.
The event planner are elected at the end of the financial year and are elected during the period 1 July - 31 August.

Voluntary assignments - Council

Gefle Student Union does not work without all the fantastic people who are voluntarily involved!

Without a council, the union cannot carry out its daily work and in order to put together a council, students need to form lists, which can be compared with the various parties in the Riksdag. In March, a union election will be held where all members of the union can vote on the various lists. After the election, the mandate is distributed between the lists based on the number of votes.

Here you will find information about the assignment items Gefle Student Union announces annually.

Voluntary assignments – union board

The union board works closely with the remunerated at Gefle Student Union and provides a helping hand in the daily activities. It can be anything from being part of the Student Union Breakfast, to looking for partners.

As a member of the union board, you participate in board meetings. During these meetings, we review financial reports, what the employees are doing, policy documents and what the Union should focus on during the year.

Student influence

You as a student can be involved and influence your study environment and your education by becoming a member of the Gefle Student Union, answering course evaluations and / or by becoming a student representative. Take the chance to get involved during your studies!

Student influence is important!
You as a student at the University of Gävle have a great influence over your own education. This is a matter of course for the university as well as a right for all students. A strong student influence is not only important for the University of Gävle and the individual student but also for the development and quality of the education.

What can I do?

  • Always do the course evaluation after completing the course. There you get the opportunity to think about what has been good and what can be better.

  • Become a member of the Gefle Student Union Union and contribute through your membership to active study monitoring, both in education and study social issues. You can also get involved in the student union.

  • Become a student representative in one of the University's various bodies and councils. Being a student representative is not only meritorious and gives experience, it also contributes to an expanded network of contacts. In addition, it creates influence and participation in one's own study situation.

What does the university do?

Educational issues are dealt with at all levels within the university and student representatives are included in all the bodies and councils where educational issues are dealt with. In addition to the university-wide councils, there are educational councils linked to the various educational programs at the university. It deals with questions about your education.

List of the university's various bodies and councils

What does the student union do?

Gefle Student Union is run by students for students and has a president and a vice president who work with student influence full time. It is also Gefle Student Union that decides, based on applications and proposals, who will be student representatives in the University's bodies and councils.

What does the law say about student influence?

As a student, you have the right to exercise influence over the education. The higher education institution must work to ensure that students take an active part in the work of further developing the education (HL 1 chap. 4a §). Students have the right to be represented when decisions are made or preparation takes place that is important for the education or the students' situation (HL 2 chap. 7 §).

The Student Union Ordinance (2009: 769) contains provisions on who appoints representatives for students. At the University of Gävle, there is the Gefle Student Union, which has received union status through a decision by the University Board. It is thus Gefle Student Union that appoints student representatives.