New student

Everything you need to know as a new student!


Student housing

In Gävle, there are several different ways to get or find your student housing. Below you will find a list of housing companies where you can find your home and a little about the type of housing each company provides.It is good to start looking for housing as early as possible and in order to collect queue days, it is good if you stand in housing queue even before you are admitted.

Housing guarantee

You who are going to study at the University of Gävle and have not found anywhere to live, can invoke Gävle municipality's housing guarantee for students. The housing guarantee means that those who move to Gävle to study at the University of Gävle must receive an offer of housing no later than 14 days after the start of the semester.

If there is no student housing available at AB GavlegårdarnaSvenska Studenthus AB, Gävle Studentbostäder AB or when the semester is to begin, you can invoke the student housing guarantee. Your application must have been received two weeks before the start of the semester.

Read more about the housing guarantee at Gävle municipality's web page!


As a student, your might find yourself short on money. What luck then that it is possible to apply for a lot of scholarships. Below we list a selection of scholarships that you as a student can apply for.

Mälardalsrådets stipendium 

Mälardalen council is a non-profit and politically controlled cooperation organisation for 60 municipalities and 9 regions around the Stockholm-Mälar region. We pursue our members' issues for concrete results in areas such as infrastructure and skills supply. The Mälardalen Council works to develop the large regional cooperation across regional and party borders for a competitive, attractive and sustainable Stockholm-Mälar region.  

Anna Lisa Detlow-Bergs stipendium

Every year, the Anna Lisa Detlow-Berg Scholarship Fund awards one or more scholarships to students or postgraduate students at the University of Gävle. The scholarship amount varies depending on the annual return. The purpose of the scholarship is to promote further education in the nursing profession for people with a nursing degree/specialist nursing degree from the University of Gävle or from the former School of Nursing in Gävle or the School of Nursing in Gävle.

Course literature 

At our reception you will find a large selection of used course literature. There you can both buy and sell books for your courses.


Here is the list of used books


We offer an easy and flexible way for you to sell your course literature, completely free of charge. Members get a discounted price on all books! Below is a quick guide to how to buy and sell your course literature!


  1. Look in the list below or in the bookshelves during our opening hours.

  2. Payment is made in our office (NOTE we can not keep/call dibs on books or post them)

  3. Pay easily with swish or card


  1. Come in with the books you want to sell

  2. Fill in a form stating:
    - Name and some personal information
    - Which books you want to sell
    - How much you want to sell them for

  3. We put them in our system and place them on the shelves

  4. We will contact you when a sale has taken place and you will then receive money deposited in your account