About us
About us

It’s hard to grasp what a student union works with. Our main purpose is to make sure your and your fellow students’ opinions are heard and we review the university in order to make sure your education is of high quality. The union works with questions regarding your time of studies, such as work environment, student housing and extracurricular activities.


This means, among other things, that the union and its appointed student representatives are represented on committees and councils at the University of Gävle and that we are involved in decisions.

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Council (FUM)

The union council (also called FUM in Swedish) is Gefle Student Union's highest decision-making body. FUM decides on the entire Gefle Student Union's activities and holds meetings about 7 times a year. Union council meetings are open to all members. As a member, you can send motions to the union council where you have a proposal for something that is to change in the organization and the business.


The union council consists of, at least, eleven seats that are divided between the lists that the union members have voted for in the so-called the union election. FUM is the union's highest decision-making body and they vote through e.g. budget and business plan. It is FUM that makes all personnel elections to the union board and they also elect the union's auditors and election committee. 

All members of Gefle Student Union have the right to attend, express opinions and make proposals during council meetings (Exception 2.6 and students on commissioned education). Please let us know before the meeting at org.sekr@geflestudentkar.se if you intend to attend. 


Decisions are made only by the lists.

The Union Board (KST)

The union board is Gefle Student Union's second highest decision-making body. They manage the union's ongoing activities and finances. The union board consists of members of Gefle Student Union.

The union board consists of the president, vice president, event planner and a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 members. The size of the board is determined annually by the council. Between council meetings, the union board is the highest decision-making body.

Klubbmästeriet (KM)

Klubbmästeriet consists of people from several different associations who help our event planner with various events. It is Klubbmästeriet who prepares everything before each Club Kåren evening and is also partly the ones who work during the evening.

They are, among other things, entrance hosts, responsible for the bars, DJs and human resources managers. Without the Klubbmästeriet - no fun events! Klubbmästeriet is led by the event manager who works 100% at the student union.