Every student at the university can contact the studentombud for advise and tips regarding laws, rules and guidelines connected to their studies. Studentombudet also answer questions concerning students’ rights and obligations linked to the education and also the students’ work environment.

No membership is required to get help from the studentombud

You can turn to the studentombud if you have ended up in a situation at the university that you want help with for various reasons. You may feel unfairly treated by a lecturer, the university administration or you may simply want to improve something with your education.

The studentombud can follow students as support during meetings and conversations with the disciplinary board, university administration and so on, and work from the student perspective. The studentombud will assist you throughout the process until the case is closed and the goal is that you should be satisfied with the solution that you and the studentombud have worked on together.

What can the studentombudet do?

The studentombud can:

  • Be a neutral and independent part in contact with HiG

  • Help you understand your rights an obligations as a student

  • Always raise the student perspective in different matters

  • Give advice and support in your case

  • Assist with complaints

  • Review whether HiG follows the rules that exist in the handling of your cases

The studentombudet cannot:

  • Decide or determine in your case

  • Act as an appeal body for questions at HiG's departments and/or decision-making bodies.

  • Take part in a case

If you have any questions contact the studentombud